Our journey to Australia


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Our journey started in the harbour of Basel. We brought our Toyota Landcruiser there to pack it in a box for shipping. Everthing went on without any problems. So we left the car in the container, hoping to see it again eight weeks later in Brisbane. We were still at home when we heard already that the car will be one week late. There were some problems in the harbour of Rotterdam. Our car missed the oversea ship. Now it has to wait for one week.

Of course we were not very happy to hear that. But there is no way to do anything. But anyway we start the travel in direction to Singapore.

 Flughafen Kloten

Two more airport pics:

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The flight to Singapore was long, but quiet and we arrived well on the airport runway. The time shift is about seven hours before european time and our bodies felt very confused about that. So we tried to get to the hotel as soon as possible . We took the subway and we were obviously the only tourists who chose this way to reach the city. The local people looked at us in a slightly confused manner, when we arrived with our big backpacks. When we came out of the subway, it started to rain dogs and cats. It even didn't help that a helpful man borrowed us his umbrella. At least we reached the hotel, tired and wet. Unfortunately we had to wait for our room one hour more. So we went to the city to do our first steps on asian ground. The first thing we recognised was, that Singapore has incredibly many shopping centres! You could go shopping for weeks!!! After we came back to the hotel and got our room we went to sleep. This was our main occupation, to sleep, sleep and sleep again.

More pics from Singapore:

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Then we reached Brisbane. Now our australian experience began. The first thing we had to do is looking for a backpacker hostel. At the airport there are really good informations about accomodations and they also have phones for free there. So we rang the backpackers called "somewhere to stay". It' s a nice one and we like to be there. Already in the first week, we met a lot of people. The staff is very friendly and helpful and so we feel like home. For us is this the best way to stay in a foreign city, not too expensive and it gives you the chance to make new friends easily.

Now we're already here for almost three weeks. We like the hostel and the guys who stay there. The people who stay longer, as we do, are like a big family and we've a good time together. By now we were on Stradebroke Island with its beautiful beaches. The best thing was, that we were the only ones at the beach. The sand is white as snow and very fine. And you have the possibility to see whales, dolphins and mantas at the time from June to October. Then we visited the Australia Zoo. We even found Steve Irwin, the owner, who is always presenting himself on his TV show in a slightly 'exaggerated' manner. We enjoyed to see the zoo. And we don't repent of it. You can see most of the animals that live in Australia. I could see the first time a genuine Koala. Those are already sweet in the pictures, but in reality they are just indescribably cute!!! I could have watched them for hours. Naturally, there are also kangaroos, emus, dangerous poisonous snakes, Tasmanian Devils, birds and so on. Thank God the Australian zoo is not as extreme as Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter in his own TV show! We heard that the car arrived in the meantime at Hong Kong and it will be hopefully here in Brisbane at the 27th of August.

Hot Pics from Brisbane !:

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Our Toyota has arrived, we are happy. There were not as many difficulties, as at first excpected. We found a good cargo company, which we could trust fully. This company organized, after we had settled the customs formalities, everything which was still necessary. Actually we wanted to be present at the discharging and with the qurantine inspection, but when we were there everything was done, the Landcruiser stood behind a lattice gate ready for pick up. We bound the spare wheel on the roof and drove off. Naturally always drive left, but after a few crossing that can be done already completely well. The next step was to get the permit too to drive around in Australia. Thus we drove, on the next day, to the transport office. Since we had already previous informed which everything for the permission was necessary, everything would've been completely simple... Our dear car is unfortunately too high for the inspection place. Since the responsible supervisor would not be insured, if he would make the inspection (no technical inspection) in the backyard, we had to drive 10 kilometers to the next transport office. There everything went on very easy, the papers were all correct, on the parking lot they examined numberplate and chassis number, and a few words spoken abot our travel-plans. And already we could go back again. We spent the following days with the preparing of our 'mobile-home'. We procured the still missing spare parts and articles of equipment, and converted with a few detours the European gas cook stove on Australian gasbottles. On coming Monday we pack up all things, in order to then take on Tuesday way under the wheels.


another pic:


G`day mates! Now we succeeded in finding a place with Internet connection here in the outback! We arrived now at the red, hot heart of Australia -the outback. We travelled some hours over bad corrugated roads and we swallowed much dust . Up to now, we neither saw poisonous snakes nor poisonous spiders. Once we saw a trace, and we are not completely sure if it was of a snake. You see, Australia is completely harmless :-)

Troubles of completely different kind for us are the bush flies, there are too many around. If one did not experience that, one cannot believe it! We would have almost given up to travel in the outback. But now we are back, better equipped and full of combat spirit. Would be nevertheless laughed, if we left ourselves from flies under wars!!! : -) Next we drive over the Oodnadatta track towards Alice Springs and see the Uluru. On the Bore track up to Innamincka Peter drove over his first sand dune and got infected with the desert-virus, he is now more open to the Idea to cross the Simpson Desert. The landscape is simply beautiful, greatly, impressive and far. In this year it rained and so the outback is green - a rarity. And in the desert the wild flowers flower. It is fascinatingly, how from the dry soil a sea of flowers can develop, after only some drops of rain. For animals we saw only the peaceful Kangaroos, Emus, Dingos, rabbits, many birds, naturally the multicoloured parrots, and lizards. Like that that was the latter news from outback. Until soon and take care...


Pics from the outback:

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We continue with our story: Now we crossed the Simpson. With some support of Harry, the owner of a Ossies Homestead, a backpackers hostel, we dared ourselves to the track. Quite late, but still reasonably in time, we started on 8th of October. During the winter months (April until Septembers) a popular tourist track, sinks the number of the people in the hot season dramatically and one is on its own. Like that we were glad of the fact, that Harry knew our route and promised us to search, if we would not announce ourselves at the arranged time. We drove over the old Andado track. That was already rather rough and after the first day we noticed that one shock absorber was broken. That did not please us naturally, but continue to drive was still better than turn. In addition we hoped in Mount Dare, the last Homestad before the desert, to be able to repair it. That worked fortunately for some money and we drove to the desert. On the next day we experienced a small sandstorm - which was very impressive - and bathed at Dalhousie Springs, a warm source of fresh water (37 degrees C) at the edge of the Simpson. That was wonderful!! And then we were in the desert. The Simpson is completely different than the Sahara. It is despite the drynesses rather green with shrubs, small trees, grass, even if one has luck wildflowers. We had luck! So there was a single track between the plants, we had to follow it. Nevertheless it was big fun and we were proud on our driving skills. All dunes we mastered without any difficulties and we even made it over the Big Red. This is the highest dune of the Simpson and a photo on the Big Red is a must for every Offroader!

 On the way back to Alice, we found an advertisement that people are looking for workers on a Cattle station. That would be nevertheless an adventure of completely different kind, though we rang them up. Two calls later - and we had a job for one month, Peter as gardner and I as a cook.


Unfortunately the joy was only short. The people on the farm were totally unfriendly or mute like the fish. We felt ourselves quite wrong at the place and we probably met the real outback life. Already one week later we were again in Alice. We decided to use the time differently to look at the interesting places of the Red Centre. So we went to the Kings Canyon, Uluru and the Olgas. We found a 4x4 route, which we fell in love with. It was at least as good as the Simpson. Driving in the wild-romantic valley of the Finke River, usually in the drained riverbed. But on the River Red Gums one can see the water level at earlier floods, which can be up to 8m over the ground!! There, the Boggy Hole is one of the few permanent waterholes of the Finke river and it has even pelicans! It is very sandy there and we were glad-the first time-to have a shovel and the sand boards (bogmats).


Again we had a small problem with the car - otherwise it would be boring. This time the front wheel bearing was loose. We decided to enjoy this marvelous landscape anyway and travel on at snail's speed. The wheel held! Again on the main street, at Curtain Springs, we met Lars and Mone on their way to the Uluru. We told them our expiriences from the Boggy Hole track, that they wanted to drive there, as well. Unfortunately they did not have the right equipment. Spontaneously we said that we would drive again with them back. Thus it comes that we travelled once more along the Finke river and are now again in Alice and you get a further part of our story.

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