Our journey to Australia


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As we arrived in Brisbane, we already thought a lot of going home, although we were still in Australia for another three weeks.  The extension of the Carnet de passage ran without problems.  That was very pleasing.  We established ourselves on the camping site.  On the next day we wanted to call Andrew and Cinta, in order to fetch our things.  But still in the same evening Andrew called and asked, where we are.  We arranged ourselves for the following day. They let us no longer stay on the campground, but offered us a room in their house. Since it had become really cold in the meantime, we accepted the generous offer gladly. Once more we were overwhelmed of so much hospitableness and helpfulness.  In the following days it rained cats and dogs and we were grateful for a comfortable accommodation.  We enjoyed  to sit in front of the TV with a hot tee or to surf in the InterNet as long as we wanted. Cinta spoiled us with her delicious food and desserts, so that we were missing nothing  We felt like at home.

Finally Cinta and Andrew persuaded us for some days on Fraser Island.  So we suddenly had a goal again and the going home continued to move a little into the distance.  Fraser Island is considered as one of the most popular Off road places in Australia.  The island consists completely of sand.  We drove to Rainbow Beach, crossed the sea with the ferry and landed soon not in the sand, but in the mud.  But playing in the dirt was great fun and the clean “Samurai” looked now like a real 4x4 again.


For lunch we drove to the sea.  Driving at the sand beach was as calm and pleasant as  driving on the motorway.  Thus we advanced fast.  Impressive "coloured sand" was along the beach.  The sand of the dunes constantly changed the colors from snow-white to dark-brown.  After the heavy rain of the last days the colors looked intensive. We enjoyed the travel.  It was beautiful to be on the road again. 

In the first evening Andrew prepared a awesome lamb roast and vegetable.  After a whole day in the fresh air we were very hungry and ate as much as we could. Full and happy we crept into the sleeping bags. 

Cinta and Andrew know the island well and led us to the best places.  We had a “private guided tour” and it was relaxing to follow our guides without thinking. Our first stop on this day was Lake MacKenzie.

With its crystal-clear water, it is tourist attraction number one. However we were lucky, because we met only few other people there.  Peter and Andrew enjoyed a bath in the cool (cold) wet.  When we came back to the parking lot, a white Toyota Landcruiser moved forward and - Daniela and Roger stepped out!  So we were united again and decided to travel together the further days.


After an excursion to the west coast, we drove further north.  The next place to see was Indian Head.  If we were lucky, we could possibly observe whales, dolphins, water turtles and sharks from there.  We had some luck. A few of us saw in the distance a whale, but I did not belong to these lucky guys.

Despite the beautiful weather it was cool.  The men had to prove themselves and went for a bath in "Campaign Pools".  I liked much better to sit on the rocks and to watch the surf.  Daniela and Cinta enjoyed the sun at the beach.

At this evening Andrew provided again for a delicious dinner from his camping kitchen.  This time he worked magic with smoked meat.  Playing cards after dinner let the time fly and soon we had to go to sleep. 

The last day already arrived.  We absolutely wanted to see the wreck of the “Maheno”.  The freighter sank during a cyclone 1935 at the coast of Fraser Iceland and rusts now slowly on the shore.  However the old ship is still impressive and a popular subject for photos.


Then we had to separate from Daniela and Roger again. They wanted to remain another day on the island.  We had to go back to Brisbane, because Cinta and Andrew had to work again.  With the ferry we went back to the mainland

Peter and I were proud that we never got bogged and survived all tides without problems. Some cars already became a victim of the tide on Fraser by imprudent driving.  Many pictures and articles in the Pub at Rainbow Beach showed us, what happened when you’ re too careless.  We brought the "Little Samurai" back safe.  But nevertheless on the last piece of beach we passed we got bogged, but only very briefly. 

Then we recognised that it would probably go better to drive on sand with four-wheel drive. After we engaged the 4x4, we drove out without problems.  So we provided a little bit of action and a big laugh at the end of the trip. 

When Cinta and Andrew heard the fact, that Daniela and Roger come to Brisbane too, they invited them to live at their place as well.

Thus it came, that there were suddenly more Swiss than Australians in the house.  In this excellent society the time passed fast and the day came, on which we had to load the Toyota into the container. We worried a little bit if the car would fit in. After we changed the suspension, it got 7 cm higher. So it was probably too high to drive trough the door. But when Peter let the air pressure as much down as possible, he was able to bring the car in the container. Afterwards Peter and a worker fastened the car in such a way, that it surely won’t move a millimeter. Then the door was closed.  The Toyota was ready for the long journey home. 

And us? - For us only three days are left, before we have to start the flight home. It’s not easy to say farewell to the land and the people. But on the horizon already the everyday life at home gleams a little and the time for releasing has come.

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